Help Fuel Fife Folk 2019

Simply keeping warm in winter is a challenge for many people in Fife, who are already struggling to afford increasing and expensive fuel bills. In addition, the cold winter months threaten ill health and isolation. 35% of households in Fife are classed as living in fuel poverty, spending more than 10% of their annual income trying to heat their homes. This can mean choosing between cooking hot meals and heating their homes. According to the National Record for Scotland, in 2018/19, an additional 186 people died due to winter-related causes in Fife.

Cosy Kingdom help people in Fife stay warm, save energy and save money. Last year, our energy advisors helped over 2,200 households in Fife by visiting people in their homes and providing free energy advice and support. We’re appealing for your donations to help us support those in need to stay warm over the winter. Your donations will be used to provide vital measures including low-energy electric heaters, warm thermal curtains, reflective radiator panels and emergency fuel top ups.

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