Say No to Straws

Goals & Purpose

Plastic straws are a large contributor to plastic waste and pollution, and serve little purpose beyond convenience. Worse
yet, the majority of straws are discarded after just one use, which exacerbates the scale of the problem as hundreds of
millions of straws are being produced to cater for this.

Straws are not just harmful to the environment, but also to the wildlife that inhabit the environment. Millions of seabirds
die due to the ingestion of straws, which reduces the volume of their stomach and ultimately causes starvation. Sea turtles
and fish are heavily impacted by plastic as well, having great difficulties distinguishing between pieces of floating
plastic and food.


There are a number of alternatives to single use plastic straws, including: Paper, Bamboo, Glass, Steel and other

We are seeking to eliminate single use plastic straws, as these are the root cause of the huge volume of straws
being created. Many cups come with washable and re-usable straws, and these are not the primary focus of our

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