News & updates about our charity

Say No To Straws Campaign

2 years ago by Jane Kell

As part of an ongoing series of presentations on climate change at Madras College, St Andrews Environmental Network have taken the opportunity to launch their “Say No To Straws” campaign in order to reduce waste throughout the town. We will be asking all of the businesses in town to participate in this. This is a very easy, low effort first step, so come on board!

Click here to find out more about this campaign and to sign up.

Website Launch

2 years ago by Jane Kell

We are very excited to launch our revamped website. You can find lots of information about the kind of things we do, the people involved in StAndEN, and other organisations we are in partnership with.

You can use the main contact form to arrange a home visit from one of our energy advisors, or contact our staff members directly from the contact button within the user's profile, which can be found on the Team page.
You can view our previous year's final report on the Funders page