Clean & Green

What we do

 Clean & Green's Rory and Donovan on one of many clean-ups. 
 The Clean & Green team work full-time around St. Andrews with many projects. As of Winter 2017 the team are involved with the following projects: 

  •  Working alongside Bloom – to deliver floral displays for the town and harbour areas, mainly manual labour at peak times 
  •  East Sands & Harbour area tidy ups 
  •  Daily patrols of the Bruce Embankment to remove rubbish and maintain cleanliness 
  •  Town centre inspections - Walk round, trouble shooting, reporting & monitoring issues 
  •  Weed Removal or spraying (Un-adopted areas) including some of the core paths, ensuring safe walking and cycling routes to the town centre 
  •  Liaising with businesses 
  •  Encouraging behavioural changes, resulting in reduced waste throughout the town. 
  •  Student Collections: collecting unwanted items from students in private rented accommodation, sorting items, giving items away for re-use to students or charities. 
  •  Researching the supply and costs of new bins, or retro-fitting older bins with Sea Gull proof flaps. 
  •  Researching bin stores, monitoring the tidiness of business owners